Rethink Your Home Insurance Risks


Whether it’s your first home or tenth, updated homeowners insurance is vital to protecting your property and possessions. Yet according to a 2017 NAIC survey, 56 percent of homeowners haven’t reviewed their homeowners insurance policies in more than a year; and 14 percent are unsure when — if ever — they last reviewed their policies.


Research also indicates that nearly half of homeowners (44 percent) have a home inventory. But of those with an inventory, more than 40 percent haven’t updated it in more than a year.


To ensure you’re covered, check out these tips for buying and maintaining adequate homeowners or renters policies:


The Basics

Types of Protection

Your homeowners insurance policy likely covers several types of coverage. It’s important to read the fine print to really understand what coverage you are getting. Find out more about the types of coverage usually listed in your insurance policy.


Understanding Premiums

Your home insurance premiums may be affected by a number of factors including the following:

Keeping It Updated

Re-evaluate your risk profile at least once a year to ensure your existing homeowners policy provides the protection you and your family needs. Plan to review your policy at the same time each year.


Ask yourself: